Animal Rhythms Fill the Air!

What do the letters of the alphabet say? Listen, listen, while we sing and play.

Animal rhythms fill the air. Sounds of our letters everywhere.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mm for Monkey Moe

Last week we had fun with the letter Mm...
Mm for Monkey Moe
Magic mittens marbles me
Macaroni mud and milk
Mm for Monkey Moe!

One of the books we read was The Muffin Muncher.
In the story the muffin-munching dragon changes
the fortune of the muffin-making villagers.

Next week classes start up again and we will be learning about the letter Nn.
Nn for Narwhal ned
Numbers names and necklaces
Never naughty nice and new
Nn for narwhal Ned!

I have a quiz question for you...
What movie has a narwhal in it? Here is a clue...the narwhal says, "Good-bye Buddy. I hope you find your dad."
Send me the answer and you will win a prize on the first day of class!
See you next week!
Miss Sandy

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